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Music Promotion

To get your music/video promoted on our website Kindly Take Note of The Following:

1. Send all the Details Below to: –
[email protected] or 07035890194 (Via WhatsApp)
• Send Your Song as an Attachment (Mp3 Format)
• Name of Producer
• Cover Art ( Compulsory )
• Social Network Details e.g Facebook handle, twitter handle etc
• Send the Song Title, Artiste Name, and the Featured Artist.

2. Our Promotion Capacity
We have a very large audience covering Nigeria, Africa and even other continents. Be rest assured that the least of downloads your song will get on our website is ranging from 5,000 and above.
We also partner with DJ’s all over Nigeria as well as FM radio stations all aimed at getting your song popularity.

3. Promotion Category
Basically we have two category, base on our promotion capacity above;

Category A:
In this category we only promote your song on our website. The Sum of 3,000 Naira goes for this Category.

Category B:
We promote your song on our website and share with our partners (DJ’s & FM Radio Stations) to promote the song as well. The Sum of 4,000 Naira goes for this Category.

Category C:
In this category we promote Music Videos, Comedy Clips, Wedding Jungles and Documentary on our Website, YouTube Channel and also showing Live on Play TV. The Sum of 5,000 Naira goes for this category.

Category D:
We also promote advertisment for Weddings, Business, and lot more. The Sum of 4,000 Naira goes for this category.

4. Things You Must Do
1. Send your Song a day before the release date
2. Cover Art is Compulsory
3. Every Song Sent to us must be in an Mp3 Format.
4. You Can Send Mixtape/Album In any Format.
5, You Can Send your Video as an Attachment or better still Send the Youtube Link Of
The Video as well.

5. Pay for Music Promotion
Fill the form below to make payment for your music promotion.
NB: Only fill this form after you have sent us your song with all details listed above.

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