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Taraba Airport
Taraba airport

Located in the north east Geopolitical zone Nigeria, Jalingo is the capital city of Taraba State, it is in fact one of the most peaceful city in Nigeria, Janine go population is estimated at 119,200. It was made the capital of Taraba in the year 1991, The city name is derived from a word in Fulfude language ( Jalingo meaning – higher place). It is a beautiful city that can serve the purpose of tourism, business, research, and studies. If you are planning to come to the lingo then here are few things you may wish to know before your trip.

Where is Jalingo Located

Jalingo is located in the North East Geopolitical Zone, Neighbouring Adamawa State. To get to Jalingo you can get a direct road transpot from:
Kano to Jalingo
Abuja to Jalingo
Gombe to Jalingo
Yola to Jalingo
Makuidi to Jalingo
Through air you can get overland flight from Abuja to Jalingo. There is no direct Lagos to Jalingo Flight yet.

Best hotels in Jalingo

Here are list of top ten best hotels in Jalingo with their addresses:
1. Star exclusive: located opposite Taraba State University third gate Jalingo, this is a 3 star hotel with bar, Restaurant, Nite Club, Laundry service and swimming pool.

Star exclusive hotel Jalingo
Star exclusive hotel

2. Fast Track Hotels: this hotel is located behind Muslim council, along Sala street, Jalingo. The hotel has restaurant and Bar.

Fast track hotel Jalingo
Fast track hotel

3. Suite 11: located in Charles Maijinkai street, Road block Jalingo
4. Snaff Hotel: located in Mile 6, Jalingo.
5. Eloheem: located along Mayodasa road Jalingo
6. Camplavet: located in Magami Jalingo
7. Beefam Hotel: after Magwe junction, Magami Jalingo
8. Shield Hotel: around investment quaters, Jalingo
9. Mobile Link: around area command, Abuja Phase 1 Jalingo.
10. Fargo inn in Jalingo
Other hotels in Jalingo are: Taraba Motel, Yukuben Hotel etc

Things you don’t know about Northern Nigeria

Hospital in Jalingo

Though there are lots of good hospital in Jalingo we only bring out two most standard and affordable hospital in the city which are:
Taraba State Specialist Hospital Jalingo
Federal Medical Center, Jalingo.

NYSC Orientation Camp in Jalingo

The NYSC Orientation Camp in Jalingo is located just few Kilometers from the state capital along Wukari road right after ATC. The state NYSC Secretariat is also located in Jalingo close to DHL office.

List of Best Secondary School in Jalingo

Are you looking forth to enrolling your child in a standard secondary school in Jalingo? Here is a list of top ten school in Jalingo that will aid your search:
1. Jetters Montosori College, Behind Umcn Secretariat, Mile-Six, Jalingo, Jalingo.,
2. Excellent International School, Shavon mile six Jalingo

Excellent international School Jalingo
Excellent international School

3. Federal Government Girls College close to CAN Secretariat, Roadblock, Jalingo
4. Winners Comprehensive School Jalingo
5. Christian College behind investment quaters Jalingo.
6. Grace Junior Academy ATC, Jalingo
7. Iqra Science Academy Jalingo
8. Red Star International School, CBN Byepass Jalingo
9 Rhema Christian Academy ATC, Jalingo
10. Bridge Academy Secondary School, Jalingo

List of High Institution in Jalingo

Taraba State College of Agriculture ATC, along Sunkani Road Jalingo
Taraba State Polytechnic (Science Campus), Jalingo
Peacock College of Education, Jalingo
Taraba State University, Jalingo
School of Nursing and Midwifery mile six, Jalingo

Other Places in Jalingo

Other interesting and key places you should know in Jalingo include: Jolly Nyame Stadium located in mile six Jalingo, Taraba State Airport located along Wukari road, Taraba State Television (TTV) along Sunkani road, NTA Jalingo.

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