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A man identified as Labaran has testify before the Federal High Court in Abuja how he help captain Balarabe retrieved gun from one Baba Runs in Ibi Local government of Taraba state.

Mr Labaran told the Federal High Court that he was attending a meeting with his friends when he received a phone call informing him of how an attempt to kidnapped Alhaji Hamisu, failed. according to Labaran when he broke the news to his friends, everybody became frightened.

Labaran, said, after leaving the meeting, he received a phone call from Captain Balarabe asking him if he know “Baba runs” upon answering yes, the Captain asked him to help retrieved a raffle from Baba runs.

“After that, I told my classmates what happened. I observed that everyone became worried and eager to leave the place.

When I got back to my shop around 8:30pm, one Captain Balarabe Tijjani called me and asked if I know one Baba Runs, I said yes.

He told me that one of their riffle was with him and I should meet him and tell him to bring back their rifle.

After I met him, he told me that he picked it, and had already returned it to where he picked it. I then called back Capt. Balarabe and told him exactly what he told me.
“He told me that I should tell Baba Run to return back their riffle to him. But Baba Runs said he was afraid and cannot return it.

I still told Capt. Balarabe exactly what Baba Runs told me. Baba Runs then said unless he will give me the riffle to go and return to them.

Capt. Balarabe said no problem that I should follow Baba Runs to collect the riffle. I then went and collected the riffle and called Capt. Balarabe.

He came together with one other military man, they took the riffle and went away. Captain told me that the riffle is their own. After then, I went back to where I do my business”.

When asked if he knows Baba Runs, Suleima identified him as the 5th Defendant in the dock.

Another witness Bala, a welder also told the court how he help Captain Balarabe freed Wadume.

According to Bala, he was in his workshop when a military man riding a motor cycle asked him to go and help out break padlock.

On August 6, 2019, I was sitting in my shop when a motorcycle rider came and took me to go and break padlock for him.

The rider was a soldier man. We went to military camp. We went there and the road was blocked. But the motorcycle rider showed them my tools and handsaw before they allowed us to pass.

After we went inside, we went straight to Capt. Balarabe’s house. We met Alhaji Hamisu Wadume with two military men, with other people inside. I met him with handcuff in his hands and leg.

When I went inside he was sitting on a chair, I told them that where he was sitting will not be comfortable for me to do the work, that he should sit on a double chair.
“What they brought me for was to break padlock but what I saw was a handcuff. One of the military man asked him to stand for photograph.

Alhaji stood and raised his hand for the picture. After which I started working on the handcuff. Eventually, I was able to cut off the handcuff.

After that, I did not do any other thing, I went home. There is one DCO that assisted me to cut the handcuff,” Bala said.

Justice Binta Nyako gave a ruling, rejecting the bail application filed by the defendants.
Justice Nyako ordered that the defendants be be transferred from custody of Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, to the Kuje prison in Abuja.

The judge, who granted accelerated hearing in the case, ordered the Director-General of Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) to accord the defendants access to medical facilities.

She adjourned till July 7 for continuation of trial.

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