Kaduna News Today
One Mr. Yohana Mutani, a farmer, on Wednesday in Gengere, Maraban Kajuru in Kaduna State, have been reportedly killed by a suspected Fulani herdsmen with a machete while carrying out an inspection on his farm land.

Yohana Mutani, a 43-year old father of six children left his residence in Gengere, when he got the news that his crops were being grazed by cows owned by the Fulani’s.

Obviously, he did not return home that very day leaving his family members with the fear that he might have been killed by the herdsmen.

The following day a team searching for his body found his remains in a cave behind the Emir of Kajurus palace.

The Christian’s in southern Kaduna lamented over his death, saying it came as an attack against Christian farmers.

A life count previously carried out by the Civic Media Lab declared Kaduna State as the most deadly place to live due to the activities of bandits and herdsmen, who attack travellers and farmers regularly in the state.

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