Covid19 Update in Nigeria

With about 14554 Comfirm case of The Pandemic Corona Virus, we bring to you Authentic Statistics of the Pandemic in Nigeria as Reported by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control NCDC.

According to NCDC Zamfara is the only case with Zero active case, Akwa Ibom has no new case in the last 29 Days, Taraba State with 8 active case has no new case in the last 23 Days.

As of Thursday 11th of June

• Six hundred and eighty-one (681) confirmed cases were reported
from seventeen (17)states – Lagos (345), Rivers
(51), Ogun (48), Gombe (47), Oyo (36), Imo (31), Delta (28), Kano
(23), Bauchi (18), Edo (12), Katsina (12), Kaduna (9), Anambra (7),
Jigawa (5), Ondo (4), Kebbi (4) and Nasarawa (1).

• No new state recorded a confirmed COVID-19 case in the last 24
hours. The total number of states including FCT that have reported
at least one confirmed case in Nigeria is still 36 (35 states + FCT).

• One hundred and forty-three (143) cases were discharged in the
last 24 hours in thirteen (13) states – Kano (34), Lagos (27), Jigawa
(15), Delta (13), Anambra (10), Katsina (10), Rivers (9), Kaduna (8),
Oyo (6), Edo (5), Bayelsa (3), Ondo (2) and Sokoto (1).

• Five (5) deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours in five (5) states
– Gombe (1), Imo (1), Kebbi (1), Lagos (1) and Ondo (1)

88432 (3058)

14554 (681)

36 (0)

4494 (143)

387 (5) – 3% CFR

MALE – 9678 (66%)
FEMALE – 4876 (34%)
31 – 40 (24%)

10150 (Total)
10075 (99.3% – Exceeded Follow Up)


Corona Update in Nigeria


Since the confirmation of the first case on 27th February 2020, the NCDC has released advisories and statements to help
Nigerians and affected groups in particular to respond to the pandemic

• NCDC and the Department of Hospital Services (Federal Ministry of Health) have updated the
case management guidelines (version 3) with reviewed changes such as the discharge criteria
and medication being used for the treatment of cases

• Guidelines have been issued for the safe transportation of remains of persons suspected or
confirmed to have died of COVID-19

• Information on diagnostics of the COVID-19 virus can be found in our detailed FAQ document.

• To increase our testing capacity, NCDC has issued guidelines for the integration of private labs.

• Guidelines for businesses and employers have been updated.

• NCDC has updated its case definition , community case definition and case management guide.

• NCDC releases periodic public health advisories to Nigerians on the COVID-19 disease.

• To adhere to post-lockdown measures, NCDC has released an advisory on the use of face masks,
as well as information on the Use of Cloth face masks and how to make your cloth face masks.

• NCDC has released guidelines for the management of pregnant women and nursing mothers
during the pandemic.

• To address burials of loved ones who die from COVID-19, guidelines have been issued to advise
on the management of dead bodies.

• NCDC has released a Self-Isolation and Quarantine Guide and Mandatory institutional guideline
for returnees to Nigeria to help those who are exposed to COVID-19 confirmed cases or returnees
to Nigeria.

• For health centres managing cases, the following documents have been released- a guideline for
the Rational Use of Personal Protective Equipment in the care of COVID-19 cases.

• As part of plans to increase the testing capacity of the country, the NCDC published a National
Strategy to Scale Up Access to Coronavirus Disease Testing in Nigeria document.

• The Presidential Task Force has published policies and announcements on COVID-19 available on
the website of the Presidency – including presidential addresses, task force updates and
information on livelihood and economic support.

On 28th February 2020, a multi-sectoral Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) was activated at Level 3 – the highest
emergency level in Nigeria –led by NCDC in close coordination with the State Public Health EOCs (PHEOC).

• Intensified tracking of daily sample collection by States for testing and resolve data
discrepancies on SORMAS

• Sensitisation workshop on COVID-19 IPC for Healthcare workers from Public and Private
Hospitals in FCT

• Supervision of IPC activities in Katsina State Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps and
Treatment Centres (TCs) across the country

• Three additional labs activated in Akwa Ibom, Jigawa and Oyo State

• Ongoing optimisation of laboratories in Abia, Ekiti, Gombe, Kwara and Ondo States

• Commenced planning for targeted community sensitisation activities in 20 high burden local
Government Areas (LGAs)

• New lab activated in Oyo State- Biorepository and Clinical Virology, University College Hospital
(UCH) Ibadan

• Ongoing daily monitoring of 305 returnees/evacuees, 268 from China and 37 from other
countries in Abuja

• Deployment of response supplies to all treatment centres, Teaching Hospitals, Federal Medical
Centres and State Ministries of Health in the North East geopolitical zone

• Ongoing review of strategy for community engagement with all stakeholders and partners


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