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A three Month old Baby has allegedly been defiled in Adogi Community of Nasarawa State.

The incident took place on 27th of May in the midnight according to the mother of the baby Maimuna.

Maimuna disclosed that the incident occurred while she left the door open and was sleeping due to heat, when she wake up she realised her baby was not there any more, she alerted her neighbors who help in searching for the baby and later on the baby was found in an uncompleted building bleeding.

The baby was taking to the hospital for treatment.

According to the Maimuna, the incident was reported to the nearby police station but no action was taking by the Police.

She was found lying in the building with her pant kept aside. Everywhere across her private part was blood and then we rushed her to the hospital,

The mother called on security operative to fish out the culprit.

When contacted the Spokesman of Nasarawa State Police Command denied knowledge of the event, but promise to investigate.

Nasarawa State News

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