The song “We Are Sorry” is a follow up of “NuvaTech” single “Stop Corona” which have recorded the highest download among his songs presently online with over 3000 download and still counting.


NuvaTech derives his inspiration from “2 Chronicles 7 : 14”. Looking at the events/happenings surrounding  us, one genuinely needs to turn his face back to the Almighty and seek his face diligently so as to avert the calamity that’s before us.


In one of his lines he said “Our Land is afflicted, hear we come before you, wash us, cleans us father heal our Land”.


One cannot over emphasize the importance of this song “We Are Sorry” most especially coming to us at this point where things are gradually getting out of hand. A download of this song will give one more reason to re-establish his relationship with God.


We Are Sorry
NuvaTechWe Are Sorry


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