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The controversy surrounding the continuous stay of Governor Ishaku out of Taraba state has taken a new dimension, with prominent Nigeria asking Governor Ishaku to return to Taraba state.

Senator Shehu Sani from Kaduna state has taken to his Twitter handle to mock Taraba State governor, Darius Ishaku.

In a twit vie his official Twitter handle the Senator asked Governor Ishaku to return to Taraba.
The twit read

Darius, return to thy base in Babylon”



Reacting to the twit one Mr Folarin Opeyemin also asked the Governor to return to Taraba State or resign his position.

” Taraba governor should return back to Taraba state immediately. If he can’t continue, he should tender his resignation from office. Taraba is above any individual interest” Opeyemi wrote.

How ever the people of the state has begin to expressed disappointment over the absent of Governor Ishaku from the state for over 80 days saying there could be more to the governor absent than what the governor describe as Domestic accident.

As you can see it been over 80 days since the governor left the state and is yet to return , the most disappointing part of it is that after winning the 2019 election the governor is yet to set his foot to Takum one Mr Nwunuji Danlami from Takum said.

Another resident of Jalingo Sanusi, feared that, there could be more to the governor’s disappearance from the state than just domestic violence.

I think there is more to all this than just domestic violence, the governor who claim to be receiving medical attention in Abuja has been visiting Ministers and other public office holder in Abuja, if he has strength to run around Abuja then why can’t he return to the state, or Is the governor afraid of anything in Taraba State. ” Sanusi said.

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