Dr. Aliyu Tilde, the Commissioner of Education Bauchi State, said his administration will focus on eliminating ghost workers in the system via the introduction of fingerprint device to capture staff fingerprints as their attendance on every working days of the week.


Dr. Tilde, who said the device will be used to checkment all the absentee among primary and secondary school teachers in the state.


He said before his appointment, 53.5 % are ghost workers who ignore their places of primary assignment which in return is affecting the educational status of the state.


His words, “The device is now available in all the 219 government secondary school in state. While going round the schools for supervision, what I saw was not encouraging at all, I found a case of a man who comes to his place of primary assignment 3 times in a year. Besides the overall percentage of absentee arose to 55.5% which is detrimental to the future of our state”.


“As high as the number of staff within the system, it’s going to be too difficult to monitor them, so the best way is by introducing this system in other to monitor them because people this days are not sincerer and do not fear God like it use to be in dose days”.

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