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The crisis that led to the resignation of Taraba state Speaker, Hon. Abel Peter Diah has raises concern about the peace of the present regime to 2023 in the state.

The resignation of the speaker is no shock to political analyst, as recent event between the executive and the legislators called for such expectation; but behind the resignation of the speaker has the untold story.

The decision to impeach Abel Diah was reached shortly after the impeachment of his former deputy, Hon. Gwampo.

Gwampo who is a close associate of governor Ishaku was impeached by the state house of assembly, reason stated that he was not competent in discharging his duty as the deputy speaker when the speaker is away on official duty.

But insiders revealed that the impeachment of Gwampo has more reasons than just incompetency. It was revealed that Gwampo was impeached for allegedly leaking confidential information to the Governor.

For instance, Gwampo was the person who informed Governor Ishaku on plans to impeach him when he was abroad, sources revealed.

The Taraba State house of Assemble had earlier on plan to impeach Governor Ishaku after the Governor failed to account for over #2 billion released to the state by the federal government as refund of project run by the state government on behalf of the federal government during Late Danbaba tenure as governor of Taraba State.

The decision to impeach the governor was reversed after the governor intervened with an undisclosed amount running to hundreds of millions, (from TTF report).

The impeachment of Gwampo became a thing of worry to Governor Ishaku, Governor Ishaku Believed if his loyalist can be impeached without his prior notice then if the situation is not control he may soon be shown the exit door.

In desperate move to safe his seat the governor begins move and consultations to oust Hon. Abel Diah.

Sources revealed that the plan to impeach Hon. Abel Diah was masterminded by Senator Joel Ikenya and Victor Bala Kona, the PDP chairman in Taraba State.

Though Victor Bala debunked this claim others insist his the unseen brain behind recent political changes in the state.

While Victor Bala is nursing the governorship ambition in 2023, Sen. Joel Ikenya has his eyes on the deputy governor slot.

The involvement of Joel Ikenya and Victor Bala Kona in the impeachment of Hon. Abel Diah is their fear for Abel growing popularity and influence.

However to perfect the plan Governor Ishaku Dish out the sum of #200 Million from the coffer of Taraba state Universal Basic Education.

The money released by governor Ishaku was made available to the state legislator willing to append their signature on Abel’s impeachment paper.

With the Money released, Gwampo begin to gather signatures for Abel impeachment. At first it seems impossible to impeach the Speaker due to the 2/3 required for his impeachment but it after the APC members join the anti abel group the 2/3 signature needed was achieved.

Hon. Abel who was informed of the plan decided to resigned having learned that the 2/3 required to impeach him has been achieved.

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